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    hey tina

    I don't see any way to delete your AD posts, unless we deleted your entire Yuku account!

    I'm sorry you're depressed, I presume it's because Paula is gone? I haven't really accepted that yet, I'm still in total denial. it's going to be so weird when the show starts up ....

    I'm hoping she's really going to be in X Factor. we'll have to change up the board if she does it!


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    Reply from tinatentoes:

    I sent this and didn't think you got it because I'm pretty sure I sent it wrong, so sorry if you get it twice:

    Hi Di. Long time no see. How are you? I was going to ask how your little boy was doing, but I realized our kids are not little anymore. I think I met you when Cyndl was 12 and she is 18 now and heading off to college in January. Can you say "Empty Nest Syndrome?" I feel so OLD.

    It's ridiculous for me to be depressed over Paula not coming back to AI. Intellectually, I know this. But, you know, it actually feels like a divorce in the family or something akin to that. But I'm with you. We can still hope for X Factor.

    I do think AI ruined itself with this. Usually in other years we would be seeing magazine covers, etc. screaming AI. I've seen almost nothing and what little I do see Simon looks depressed or sad or something is not right with him. Did you see that snippet where some news show asked him about Paula not coming back and he actually turned his face away from the camera? All wishful thinking aside, I really do think he truly is upset about it.

    Well, anywho, if you delete my Yuku account, will that automatically delete everything I ever said? If so, could I then reapply? If I can come back and it is not a problem for you to delete it then please go ahead and do so.

    I'll stop talking your ear off now. Catch you later, Tina